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I am slowly converting the majority of the LittleFishTank Network websites over to Linux based servers instead of Windows as there is a broader open source compatible program base on that platform. (GEEKSPEAKBLAHBLAH)  I didnt receive anything this past year for affiliate/referral payments due to changes in most of the programs that are difficult to program into the current site that will work better on the new systems as they are converted. 

Additionally the server running Linux for me is cheaper to run and the Windows host tends to run slower equipment.  ANYWAY I've spent several days migrating the FAQ system over.  I have many other things left to migrate so eventually everything will be housed on one server.  Since I have to pay for these things out of pocket free software is better of course and if the site isnt fast enough people won't use it so Free and Faster works best.

2008-01-26 21:34

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